About me


“I think an out of focus snapshot of someone smiling is the best picture of the year” (Sefa I. Cardona)

“ Love and tenacity have fed Sefa’s passion for photography. Tenacity just to get her first camera “I remember having to struggle hard to be able to buy my first camera”.

 Tenacity and love, practising and practising “you take lots of photos, lots” was a friend’s response when looking at her marvellous photographs. Of course; she had to buy rolls of film and those were not buoyant times.

Those that have known her for years know that her photos are special, “though not taken for exhibition”; we take it for granted that she has a gift. Now the camera and she are one and thus we can see her work:

 Sefa looks, watches, sees. She creates a daydream, stripping away the superfluous to capture what was created.

 Indistinct landscapes, time, experiences of life, light and our sea ever present, the geometry of life, faces, elusive, the attraction of the moon, her passion for making art…

 And here we are, “seeing” what “already exists” thanks to these images, their very essence filled with emotion.

 And a desire: we have a duty to share the magic of beauty, of other worlds created for pure visual enjoyment, and by doing so we hope to continue enjoying her artistic evolution and her “other way of looking”.

Charo Fernandez